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Best Paper Awards 2016

Best Research Paper 

Dr. Stuart Orr
Deakin University, Australia

Best Student Paper

Ms. Ananya Tasujai
College of Management Mahidol University

Best Paper Awards 2015

Best Research Paper 

Dr. Anthony De Ritis
Northeastern University

Dr. Joyti Gogte
Vishwakarma Institute of Management

Best Student Paper

Mr. Kevin Smith
University of Nottingham

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Prior Year's Accepted Papers

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2016 Accepted Papers

Paper Title DOI#
An Empirical Testing of DiffuNET: Diffusion of Product Innovation in the Social Network Context 10.5176/2251-2039_IE16.2
Stress Reduction Among Employees and Management Through Mindfulness Approaches 10.5176/2251-2039_IE16.3
Innovation Patterns of Satellite Manufacturing Sector of UAE 10.5176/2251-2039_IE16.4
Customer Experience Modelling and Analysis Framework 10.5176/2251-2039_IE16.10
The Effect of Innovation on Economic Growth: Evidence from GMM Estimates 10.5176/2251-2039_IE16.14
Factors Influencing Entrepreneurs of Thai SMEs in Internationalization 10.5176/2251-2039_IE16.15
Standards for Healthy Workplaces Based on the "Four Avenues" of the World Health Organization - A Challenge for Maintaining Enterprise Innova-tion in South East Asia, a Pilot Programme in Vietnam 10.5176/2251-2039_IE16.16
Co-producing Knowledges and Institutional Space: Introducing Entrepreneurship to North Korea 10.5176/2251-2039_IE16.17
Understanding the Role of Innovation, in the Process of Opportunity Identification and Exploitation, Amongst Large Scale and SME Entrepreneur Owned Firms Within the Thai Food Processing, Value Chain 10.5176/2251-2039_IE16.18
Exploring the Role of Social Network Sites in New Product Development: An Empirical Study of MNCs 10.5176/2251-2039_IE16.20
Strategizing in the Public Sector. Findings from Implementing a Strategy of Entrepreneurship in Education 10.5176/2251-2039_IE16.22
Research On Operational Risk Warning For Online Supply Chain Finance Based On Multi-Agent 10.5176/2251-2039_IE16.28
Model of Entrepreneurial Success: Linking Theory and Practice 10.5176/2251-2039_IE16.29
"Studying in Cooperation Networks as Means of Teaching Entrepreneurship on Restaurant Business Curriculum" 10.5176/2251-2039_IE16.30
What Motivates a Chinese Entrepreneur to Invest Offshore? 10.5176/2251-2039_IE16.31
Metaheuistic Algorithms to SolveThe Reserve Design Problem 10.5176/2251-2039_IE16.32
Entrepreneurial Transformation and university leadership in Indonesia 10.5176/2251-2039_IE16.33
Characterizing Business Angels and Investigating the Impact of their Human Capital on Startup Success 10.5176/2251-2039_IE16.34

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